Pumpkin Spice ClickUp templates?!

It’s officially fall in my part of the world, and that means that pumpkin spice everything is out and there's a chill in the air. Personally, I'm overseas in Turkey right now where we are enjoying beautiful late-summer weather with all the windows open and the sun shining. But I'll be back in the US in a month which means that it will be close to Black Friday.

I know it seems like a long ways a way, but I wouldn’t be a proper business owner if I didn’t start thinking about it now.

This year I don’t want to just throw some ridiculous discount at you and act like I’m doing you a favor. I want to actually provide something of value for you.

That’s where I need your help, friend!

Please take a quick look at this sentence below and fill in the blank. Hit reply to this email to let me know your answer.

“MEAGAN! I’d love to see ______________ for a Black Friday sale.”

  • All The ClickUp Shop ClickUp templates on a mega sale
  • ClickUp Consulting Sessions for a steal
  • The return of the Data-Driven ClickUp Dashboards Workshop for only $$
  • All in One ClickUp Setup flash sale (limited spots and interest-free payment plans available)

Thank you so much for reading through these ideas and letting me know which one suits you best. I can’t wait to see what the majority thinks.

I appreciate you!


Meagan | New Leaf Digital

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