I’ve spent a lot of time this week spending time with my family on our epic adventure overseas. I have really enjoyed it. Anyway…

I’d like to spend the rest of this week leaning more into gratitude. I started my business New Leaf Digital 3+ years ago, and there are so many amazing things that have happened that I don’t spend enough time being grateful for.

Amazing things like…

  • Having a business + homeschooling lifestyle which allows me to pick up and work and school my kids across the world in Turkey for two months. Joining Jen Myers' Homeschool CEO membership where I met more women just like me.

  • meeting amazing friends and mentors like Alexis Perry of Mountain Cane Media who has helped me tremendously with my messaging, marketing, and marketing ops.

  • Completing Natalie Gingrich's Director of Operations Certification which led me to connecting with the fabulous Ashley Carlson of Elevate Business Solutions. I had a blast doing an advanced ClickUp Training for her team from my Airbnb in southern Turkey. Here's what some of her team members had to say about the training:

I never thought of setting a filter for tomorrow's to do's - I absolutely love that idea and will be trying it! The dashboards! Her lead gen analytics :heart_eyes:. The automation details and filters were great too, but my soul sang extra loud when she shared her analytics! I absolutely love the training, it was super useful.

Definitely reach out to Ashley and her talented team for help with executive business services if you're a small business owner or CEO.

And of course, you. Having you on this email list. Getting to hear back from other subscribers and have a direct line to readers, students/customers, and other ClickUp and ops-lovers…

Wow. I love it so much. So consider this a personal thank you from me to you. I’m so grateful to have you in my world.

I really love helping women like you around the world with ClickUp and systems and love having you here with me while I do it.

That’s all for today. Talk to you next week.

PS. I’d love to hear back from you! What’s something you’re grateful for this week?

PPS. The pic is of Oludeniz in Fethiye, Turkey, near where we currently are staying.

Meagan | New Leaf Digital

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