Have you ever heard of an Ask Me Anything?

An AMA is where one person opens the floor to any questions from an audience. These sessions can cover a wide range of topics and don’t have to stay on subject. Of course, it’s up to the person hosting to make the rules.

They’re usually hosted to help people get to know each other and expand their knowledge or view on a topic.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, this week I want to host an Inbox Ask Me Anything.

My calendar is a little weird these days as I am overseas for a while so scheduling with me may be a bit tricky depending on your time zone.

But I really want to get to know you and help you on your ClickUp and operations journey which I know you're one because you signed up for this list :) And I really want you to get to know me, too.

So until Friday, feel free to hit reply and Ask Me Anything. I’m here and will answer to the best of my ability.

This can cover ClickUp or operations…or even what tech tools you have questions about.

I'll either reply to your directly or collect some questions and reply to them in my email to you next week.

I really cannot wait to hear from you.


Meagan | New Leaf Digital

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