Can I level with you?

I thought I was going to have an easy spring-summer. It seemed like we were rounding the corner of covid, I planted some new native plants, and made plans to enjoy the outdoors here in Pennsylvania with my family.

Then, on a very important day for us, I slipped down one step. One step that I go up (can you even go "up" one step?) multiple times a day. After a long day out in Philadelphia.

Slip. Crash. Boom.

Made it to urgent care 10 minutes before they closed and came home with a splint on my broken foot. Ugh. Not at all what I had planned for. And with 3 kids, it was quite a challenge.

And at about 10 weeks before my day camp started. I was worried that I'd still be hobbling around in my boot surrounded by 40 kids at the day camp I'm the operations manager for.

Thankfully my foot healed well and I made it to the first few days of camp....before coming down with covid. We then missed the next 5 days of camp.

Can I level with you?

As a person who thrives on planning and systems, this wasn't easy for me.

But I had the systems and templates in place to make sure that my business kept running while I was stuck on the couch with a broken foot and then again with covid.

At my camp we have about 40 campers each week and a team of 20 paid and volunteer staff. It's quite the operation and we've invested a lot of time and energy into systemizing things the past few years. With me out with covid and the founder out as well, it was a test for our remaining staff. Thanks to the processes we'd documented and our open communication, the camp ran smoothly without us.

But mentally it wasn't easy for me. Although the systems and templates that I've created definitely helped a lot.

I want you to have the same thing. Hit reply and let me know where you're at in systemizing your business on a scale of 1 (what's a system) to 10 (systems queen).

Meagan | New Leaf Digital

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