A quiet spring

Things have been quiet at NLD the past few months but am gearing back up again for a busy spring and early summer before I take a few weeks off to focus on the non-profit day camp I help run. (Yes, I run NLD, ClickUp for Bookkeepers with my partner, and a day camp + I homeschool!) It's a crazy life but I love it. If you're wondering how I manage #allthethings, I'm not any kind of super woman by any means. I'm nursing a broken foot and everything is a bit chaotic at the moment. But if I can manage this, it's possible for you too. And a big part of that is being organized and automated in my business.

If you need help setting up the same, there are limited spots for the three different ways to work with me before my summer break.

  • All in One ClickUp Set Up - if you're new or new-ish to ClickUp and need setup + training + my special extended support period, grab one of the 3 spots I have left before I raise the price after the summer.
  • ClickUp Consulting - if you have questions about how to do things more efficiently in ClickUp or use different features, grab a consulting slot.
  • Tech Audit + Plan - if you need help selecting which tech you need to grow you business (and dump the tech you don't) so that you can serve your clients better, my strategic Tech Audit + Plan is for you.

Skip the contact form line and reply to this email and I'll get you all set up.


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