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As you know, I’m all about ClickUp.

Over the years, I’ve seen (and heard) it all when it comes to ClickUp. And I’ve created multiple courses on ClickUp (for bookkeepers), given live workshops, and sold templates - alongside my 1:1 consulting, setup, and training services.

People ask to buy templates from me all the time, and until now I've only casually sold them. But I got to thinking - setting up ClickUp on your own can be so complicated, but with a friend? It’s so much easier.

Why can’t I be that friend?

It would help a lot of people and let you keep more of your hard-earned money, which I know is a priority for everyone right now.

That’s where the idea for my new template shop The ClickUp Shop came from.

So here’s what I’ve been doing the past few months:

  • Chatting with my 1:1 clients about what templates they'd like to see and what support they'd want so that they can use and customize them with ease
  • Building out these templates
  • Recording training videos
  • Learning WooCommerce
  • Create pre-sale templates (where you get to shape the creation of the template)

Here’s what I want to help people with: - #1: Systemizing their business - #2: Creating repeatable, templated processes - #3: Making full use of ClickUp's features - #4: Saving money --> Making money - #5: Freeing up brain space to become more innovative

And you'll be able to do all this inside something new The ClickUp Shop by New Leaf Digital. It’s a template (and eventually course and workshop) shop that is going to take you from disorganized chaos to strategically organized.

Since this is all brand new and I want to just get going on it…I’m going to offer my templates for a lower price to people like you who have been supporting me for a while now - and also those of you who are brand new. I'll be giving you a 40% off coupon next week.

How’s that sound?

I’ll send you over a link check the shop out next Monday. In the meantime, feel free to hit reply and ask me any questions you’ve got - or what you'd like to see in the shop. I’m here!


Meagan | New Leaf Digital


Meagan | New Leaf Digital

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