Hi friend!

It's been a while since I last emailed you. But I'm back and ready for an amazing 2023. I am super excited about a lot of things, many of which I'll be sharing with you soon.

Here's a quick summary: * ClickUp 3.0 is just around the corner. I'm in the beta test for a few of the features and love them! I can't wait for you to see them

  • Streamlining my tech stack. I help my clients with this and now it's time for me to do my own. The reason being my partner in my other business has decided to step away (and I already miss her dearly!) so I've started on the complicated process of combining the two. That means combining the tech, email lists, into 1 tool instead of 2 and wow is it a process! Thankfully I know enough about tech to make it doable (and it's even kind of fun for me). To do this, first I listed out all the tech I'm paying for both businesses, noted down where it overlapped, and then based on how things integrate, decided what to cut. I'll miss some of the tools but I know the streamlining will save me over $1000 a year, plus lots of time!

  • Launching a new course and redoing another one (deets soon)

  • I've invested in some cool stuff for myself/my business, one of them being an instructional designer. Her name is Laura Willson and wow, I wish I'd done this sooner! If you need help mapping out your course in way so that people actually want to complete the modules - and get results, reach out to Laura!

  • I'm committing to doing things that are FUN for me this year while expanding in various way.

  • I'm in the middle of my annual review for 2023. So far my biggest takeaway is I read 70 books last year and spending 2 months in Turkey with my family was an amazing experience.

  • I'm trialing a brand new app focused on maintaining new habits in a sustainable, guilt-free approach (no streak pressure here) and am excited to offer you an exclusive discount on it, coming soon!

And what about you, how is 2023 going for you so far? I've been thinking about you and how I can better serve you in 2023. What do yo nn

Meagan | New Leaf Digital

Straight Up Advice

Everyone that works with ClickUp will tell you this:

"Setup is a chore and you need to outsource it"

But today, I want to go a little “nontraditional” and give you my second best piece of advice:

There's value in DIYing your setup.

Now, yes it will take your time. And yes it will take your energy. But what you'll get when you DIY your setup is your processes in action - not what some consultant thinks your processes are. You know them best and a consultant you hire for a VIP Day only gets this deep in your business. About as deep as that puddle in my backyard that my kids call a lake.

So why is this important?

  • You'll gain clarity on your processes
  • You'll understand more about how ClickUp works
  • You'll understand how to combine the two

And that, my friend, will make all the difference in your business. Knowing your processes and what systems you have (and need) will move mountains for you.

Okay. That’s my second biggest tip for ClickUp setup. Hope it helps you.

PS. Really want to take this advice and run with it? I can help you map out your setup so you're ready to fill in your processes. Book a call with me to find out more about how I can help you create a detailed ClickUp map that you can implement (or have your team implement). It only costs $350 (that's like 1/10 of what done for you setup costs).

Meagan | New Leaf Digital

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