A gift for you


It’s been a busy week. How are you doing? I'm reading a book about parenting and the main theme is that "kids do well when they can." I think that extends to all people right? If you're having a rough week, keep going. You'll do well when you can.

You know, it’s my whole mission to help you create simple systems, particularly with ClickUp. And you might have even gotten on this email list because you found my free ClickUp template 50 Tasks to Delegate to Your Team.

Because I know we all get busy, I periodically like to send out this ClickUp Automation Recipe Book. Remember, this will help you with eliminating manual work that you're doing in ClickUp.

If nothing else, make sure you pay attention to "when a task is created, apply a template." It will help you standardize and systemize parts of your business, freeing up time for you, creating repeatable results, and making it easier to delegate.

I wanted to send you over something valuable as a thank you for being on this email list.

It means a lot to me.

So thanks!


Meagan | New Leaf Digital