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I have a feeling that if you're reading this you either geek out on systems like I do or you really need systems in your life. I wanted to share with you a new system I created just yesterday for processing - and putting to use my Kindle highlights.

I read a lot - both business books and fiction - and I am inspired by so much. After completing the Building A Second Brain course, I knew I needed to create a system that would actually help me do something with all this inspiring content.

So here's my system (simple version):

  1. Highlight important parts of the text using Kindle (try the Highlighted app for print books)
  2. Export your Kindle highlights (trialing Klib for this purpose but you could just email them to yourself)
  3. Paste your Kindle highlights into a doc (I am using Craft Docs)
  4. Follow this process to progressively summarize what you've read, keeping in mind your future self.
  5. Take the last level of summarization that you complete and use that to inspire your own content, offers, anything!

Note: this whole process took me less than 15 minutes.

Want to take a peek at my progressively summarized note? Click here

Would you try a technique like this? What do you do with the knowledge you gain from reading?

Meagan | New Leaf Digital

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