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Hey everyone!

The last time I wrote this newsletter about a month ago I had recently embarked upon a social media diet and major reflection on how I spend my time. I'm happy to share that I've been able to continue the habit. Things that have helped greatly:

  • Reflecting on how little time I really have in this world and with my family and deciding how I'd like to spend it
  • Taking inventory of how I was spending my time
  • Removing whatever wasn't a good fit for my values or goals
  • Removing social media apps (the browser versions are so awful that you won't want to use them). After a few days like this, the apps will lose their hold in your brain.
  • Subscribing to quality newsletters
  • Curating a list of books I'd like to read this year (I've read 4 books so far)
  • Signing up for (more below)
  • Using the methods I learned in the Building A Second Brain Program to free up space in my brain for innovation

I'm curious - do you consider yourself to be innovative? If not, what do you feel is standing in the way of being more innovative? Hit reply and let me know.

Meagan | New Leaf Digital

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