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After reading Digital Minimalism and being a current Building A Second Brain student, I've drastically changed how I spend my time. Max 30 mins a day on social media and lots more reading (I've read 3 books in the past 7 days). And I'm reading for impact - and to benefit future Meagan, who is someone I think about often these days. It's immensely rewarding to be able to apply what I am learning to my business and to be able to support my clients in achieving their goals by coaching them through similar challenges. I'm excited to see what these tweaks in behavior and habits brings in 2022 and will be sharing what I learn with you.

On that note, I have only 2 spots to work with me at 2021 rates. If you need a comprehensive, strategic, and growth-oriented business ecosystem, your ClickUp questions answered, or want to bring in 2022 with a strategic business blueprint, now is the time to get in touch.

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