My New Tech Service

I am now offering a tech service where I help you streamline your tech. We go through your tech stack and I make suggestions for streamlining, eliminating tools, replacing them, and automating and integrating them.

If you've got a tech need in the online business space, chances are I know several awesome tools you should be using. I just had a client message me to ask about one of the tools I use - and one of my friends remarked she should pay me a retainer for all the amazing tools I've introduced her to!

It's time to move past outdated, clunky tech that leaves you feeling frustrated and into tech that works for you. Reply to this email and I'll let you know the intro rate pricing.

Meagan | New Leaf Digital

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Meet Launch Expert Aqeelah!

Aqeelah is the CEO of Strategic Operations & your go-to launch expert. She has helped coaches and consultants bring their launch dreams to life without the overwhelm or stress. Hitting their launch goals has never been easier.

She is a Certified Director of Operations & Launch Manager. Her goal is to partner with impact driven entrepreneurs to help them build a sustainable and seamless business so they can scale to 7 figures with ease.

Strategic Operations is a full service OBM & Launch Support team. Working together is not something she takes lightly, she cares deeply about your success and the impact you are creating. To connect with Aqeelah, follow her on Instagram here.

Meagan | New Leaf Digital

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Document your core systems

You’ve reached capacity and you can’t seem to break through to that next level of business. To move beyond this stage, the secret is to extract and document your core systems.

Meagan | New Leaf Digital